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NEO CELL PQQ with Senolytic Complex

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NEO CELL is your daily elixir for cellular rejuvenation, featuring our exclusive formulation, Cellumiva™ with the ultimate natural antioxidant, PQQ to foster cellular longevity and optimal skin health.

Our potent complex, known for its senolytic and anti-aging properties, protects and rejuvenates your cells, eliminates senescent cell to reduce chronic inflammation, enhances cell autophagy, recycling cellular components to maintain cellular youth. Complemented with PQQ and hyaluronic acid, this formula provides transcendent supports for every cell to every inch of skin on your body, paving the way from wellbing to beauty.


Take one capsule a day with meal and a glass of water. To be taken in three consecutive months, twice a year.

Store in dry place below 25°C, away from light. Keep this product out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those taking medication.

    NEO CELL PQQ with Senolytic Complex
    NEO CELL PQQ with Senolytic Complex


    What are NEO CELL and Cellumiva™?

    Cellumiva™: Cellumiva™ is the proprietary bioactive complex in NEO CELL. Recent study has

    proven Cellumiva™ is capable of eliminating senescent cells, boosts cell autophagy.

    Who should take it?

    NEO CELL is intended for healthy adults, ages 18 and up.

    Why should I take it?

    As we age, some of our cells turn senescent, becoming 'zombie cells', halting division and

    secreting proinflammatory molecules to affect the healthy cells around them. Cell Senescence

    can contribute to appearance of signs and age-related diseases. Cellumiva™ effectively

    eliminates senescent cells and induces autophagy, quickly improves cellular health. Partnered

    with other bioactives in NEO CELL, they improve overall wellbeing and skin health, reducing

    signs of aging on your skin.

    How long does it take to see improvements/benefits?

    We can expect different improvements down the road. There are generally 3 stages during each

    recommended course (90days), actual improvements can vary depending on individual


    Initiation: 1-7 days. Most customers can experience an increase in energy levels and focus in

    days, due to the improved production of cellular energy. Actual experiences differ from


    Appearance: 28 days. Your skin cells enter a new cycle after 28 days. Healthier skin cells

    contribute to a firmer, plumper dermis and a smoother, more radiant epidermis.

    Rejuvenation: 90 days. Senecent cells are reduced, contributing to healthier cells in organs. Your

    overall wellbeing is improved with cellular rejuvenation. As the result, deeper signs of aging on

    skin like firm lines, wrinkles, sagginess, hyperpigmentations are also alleviated.

    Is NEO CELL suitable for vegans?

    Yes, NEO CELL is formulated and produced to be vegan-friendly.